The Executive Board

Passionate about sustainability? Want to make a difference in the community? Join the ESW Executive Board for the 2015-2016 academic year and gain valuable leadership and professional experience!

Executive Board Positions

General Responsibilities

In addition to position-specific duties, all board members are responsible for…

  • Attending board meetings
  • Looking for new project opportunities
  • Attending ESW events or notifying board about being unable to come
  • Voicing comments and concerns about anything and everything
  • Recruiting new chapter members
  • Registering for ESW National
  • Completing weekly tasks assigned in addition to position duties
  • Keeping president and VP appraised of progress on  tasks

Positions for Spring 2017


The president acts as the leader and head representative of ESW@Smith. Current President: Tinli Yarrington

General Responsibilities

  • Find and initiate projects so that the org always has at least one active project.
  • Keep the org charter,  team contract, and board descriptions updated as needed.
  • Assume responsibilities of any unfilled board position.
  • Work with National Team.
  • Maintain contact with faculty advisors.
  • Attend Smith and ESW National leadership trainings.

National Team

  • Regular contact with the National Team’s region coordinator.
  • Inform the board of national projects, events, conferences, and other opportunities.
  • Communicate the goals of the Smith chapter to National Team.
  • Inform the board about national deadlines.

Board Management

  • Plan, organize, and facilitate board meetings.
  • Delegate tasks to board members during board meeting
  • Ensure that delegated tasks are being completed.
  • Work with board members to ensure that position responsibilities are being fulfilled.

Vice President

The vice president assists the president and other board members in fulfilling their roles in ESW. Current VP: Tasbiha Chowhury


The Treasurer manages the budget and makes sure that all projects and events are properly financed. Current Treasurer: Renee Klann


  • Applies for funding from the Organization Resources Committee (ORC) and/or Student Government Association (SGA).
  • Completes purchase requests and oversees reimbursement
  • Coordinates with President and Events Chair to plan and fund events
  • Handles contracts for guest speakers and internal transfers to other orgs
  • Attends mandatory trainings with the president
  • Makes sure that org does not go into debt!

Events and Publicity Chair/Committee

The Events and Publicity Chair coordinates events. Current Committee Members: Shuying Zhen, Xiu Xie


  • Reserving rooms
  • Coordinating with the treasurer to fund events (guest lectures, lunches, meetings, presentations)
  • Publicizing meetings and events through postering, chalking, and social media
  • Maintaining the website, facebook, and tumblr

Workshop Coordinator

The Workshop Coordinator hosts a series of ESW-sponsored workshops through the school year.


  • Developing a list of workshop ideas and incorporate feedback from GB
  • Finding workshop leaders or becoming well-versed in the workshop topic to lead it
  • Coordinating with the Treasurer and Pub Chair for funding and publicizing the event
  • Developing a budget for the upcoming semester’s workshops

Conference Chair

The Conference  Chair enables general body members to attend ESW, sustainability, and engineering conferences.


  • Communicating with treasurer to find funding
  • Researching transportation and housing
  • Coordinating interested ESW members in buying tickets, transportation, housing, and food

Grants & Fundraising Chair

The Grants Chair enables ESW to achieve greatness by finding funding for projects, workshops, and events. Having funds helps take the pressure of the ESW treasurer and gives the org some flexibility and independence from SGA. Current Grants Chair: Julia Bouzaher

  • Researching potential grants
  • Networking with Martin and other resources to locate grants
  • Writing grant applications

Secretary / Board Manager / Eliminatrix of Confusion

The secretary is another set of eyes on the goings-on of ESW: emails, doodle polls, calendar, etc. Current secretary: Izabella Hildenbrand

  • Write meeting minutes
  • Followup board meetings by sending minutes and a task list to all  board members
  • Check ESW email account weekly to make sure nothing critical has been missed
  • Help organize events by contacting administrators, other student orgs, lecturers, or workshop leaders

Artistic Director

The artistic director works with the Pub Chair and Webmaster to make promote our work.


  • Make fliers for events and coordinate with Pub Chair to distribute them
  • Make collaborations poster if relevant
  • Keep all visual media in compliance ESW National Branding guidelines


The webmaster coordinates with the Pub Chair and Artistic Director to maintain the website, which acts as an e-portfolio of everything ESW does. An up-to-date website helps people stay on top of ESW’s activities and learn more about us before getting in touch. Current Webmaster: Tinli Yarrington


  • update website monthly with news about projects
  • update website as requested by other board members
  • check in with board once per semester for any major edits required on the website

Project Manager(s)

This position is not open for elections because PMs must volunteer based on what projects are chosen for next year. If you’re interested in the role or have a project idea, submit it through the nominations form so the current board can keep it in mind for next year.

Project Managers lead ESW-sponsored projects from brainstorming to fabrication. Board members usually take on PM responsibilities in addition to another board role because it’s a way to be more involved in their chosen ESW project.


  • Recruiting students to work on the project
  • Maintaining relations with client
  • Leading project to its completion to the specification of the client
  • Blog about the state of the project for the website


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