Previous students involved with ESW at Smith are having great success in the world post-Smith.

Meet Brittany ’16

Brittany Bennett was the President of ESW during her sophomore year at Smith. After revitalizing the organization, she was recruited to join Headquarters as the Director of Chapter Relations. The highlight of Brittany’s college career was getting to work with the young, bright, motivated engineers and design-oriented folks of ESW. Brittany’s involvement with ESW on both a chapter and national level helped her gain the experience to land her first job. She is now a Transportation Engineer with Felsburg Holt and Ullevig in Denver, CO, and she is always down to chat with current Smithies.

Meet Maya ’15

Maya Kutz ’15
BS in Engineering

Board Positions and Years:
Vice President 2013-2014, Artistic Director 2012-2013, President 2014-2015

After a long and arduous trek over the Brooklyn Bridge, Maya landed at Smith college to pursue an engineering major and art minor. She hopes to complete the concentration in Sustainable Food, but she’s also incredibly busy creating weekly environmental newsletters for Capen house, being an active member in Green Team, sharpening her art skills, and taking more credits than should be allowed. In her spare time, Maya indulges in Disney movies,

Dr. Seuss, Sherlock (British version), and graphic novels. Maya has a particular interest in planet earth -that is, making sure it’s still here for future generations.

Meet Alex ’14

Alex hails from Youngstown, Ohio and graduated from Smith College in 2014 (B.S. Engineering Science; B.A. Environmental Science and Policy), where she was a four year ESW-Smith member and treasurer. Alex is drawn to the intersection between environmental and natural disasters, learning about hazard and risk reduction methods, and building resilient communities. Following undergrad, she worked at the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) in Oakland, CA, furthering global earthquake reconnaissance efforts, as well as collection and dissemination of post-disaster scientific data. She has currently joined the Research Department at the Boston catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide.

Meet Sanita ’13

Sanita Dhaubanjar ’13
BSc in Engineering

Board Positions & Years:
Member (Spring 2010)
President (Fall 2010)
Co-president (Fall 2011)

Sanita worked on the following ESW-Smith projects:

  • College Hall energy audit
  • Pedicab design for Smith Dining Services
  • Poster presentation on ESW Smith’s activities at the ESW National Conference at Purdue University.

ESW was the best networking platform for me at Smith. The projects I was involved with allowed me to interact with Engineering students beyond those in my class year and people beyond Smith. As a freshman, I was able to work with senior engineering students during the Energy Audit project. I made friends who helped me understand and make the most out of the Smith Engineering Program by sharing their experiences, providing valuable advice and helping me pick my classes. My presidency at ESW gave me a similar chance to work with and get to know newer students. This way ESW helped me connect with other engineers and learn from their experiences.

I made connections beyond Smith through during the ESW conference and got exposure to many opportunities. I met experts and professionals working in non profit who have inspired me to pursue my interests in participating in technical development projects in ties world countries. Through a connection I made at the conference I was able to find ideas for my Davis Peace Project in 2011 on drip irrigation and work with a non profit organization in Nepal to implement the project. I still keep in touch with friends I made at the conference and often connect with them for career advice.

Meet Rajiha ’13

Rajiha Mehdi ’13
BSc in Engineering

Board Position & Years:
President (2010 & 2011)

Engineers for a Sustainable always seemed to be a network of engaged and engaging individuals, which is why I decided to become an active part of the ESW community by taking on the ESW President role. ESW provided me with a platform to innovate and collaborate with other students. As ESW members and as Smith Students our goal was to help improve our community and environment. We focused on providing solutions to problems that the Smith Community faced, such as providing sustainable transportation to the catering services, and also aimed to increase community awareness. ESW gave me the skills to not only identify problems but also to innovate and solve those problems. I also learned the importance of community engagement and teamwork. I particularly valued my experience at ESW because it enabled us to step out of the classroom setting, define and execute our own projects.




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